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2017 Judges

Ignacio cadena

Ignacio Cadena Rubio

Founder & Creative Principal - Cadena Associados


Architectural studies at Sci-Arc Los Angeles, CA. His work explores the contact frontiers between art and science, Ignacio believes in collaboration, cultural and intellectual exchange. Based in Mexico, his studio is an on-going multidisciplinary exploration, a workshop developing holistic concepts where different disciplines meet; designing brands, retail concepts, communication strategies, advertising campaigns, product design, interiors, architectural projects, real estate & hospitality concepts, printed media, fashion, furniture and decorative objects. The work of C+A ® and its partners has been exhibited and published around the world; the practice spans North America, US, Europe, and Central/South America.

Design excellence

Design Excellence is Passion, Craftsmanship, Strategy, Intelligence, Skill & Seduction.