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2018 Judges

Hachem6011 fady head and shoulders

Fady Hachem

Founder - Hachem


As Founder and Principal of Melbourne-­based design and architectural studio, Hachem, Fady Hachem was a 21 year old graduate with a degree in Graphic Design at RMIT, when he convinced the owners of a new local venue that he could not only develop interior concepts and a bold brand identity but also manage their site’s $2m overhaul. This sensitivity to detail and to patrons’ experience has proven a winning formula for Fady over time. He considers his style contemporary with a theatrical twist, and maintains a drive to implement luxury escapism in the every day. What gets him out of bed in the morning? Knowing that he can create for a living.

Design excellence

When I first started some 20 years ago, I noticed a large disconnect between what the client brand embodied and the result of the built form. I felt the connection needed to be symbiotic. My approach is to start with a big idea and the development of a brand. My designs are then focused on bringing the idea and brand to life. To be able to control the stages of the design, starting from the brand, through to the physical whether interior, architecture or both, provides purity in the outcome. In my opinion, it's the only way to be true to the brand you have created. We are a creative breed. Continually working outside our comfort zone challenges our thought process and the results are better.