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2018 Judges

Shawn cooper

Shawn Cooper

Senior Designer - Superfutures


One of the founding members of Superfutures, Shawn is a graduate of Industrial Design at RMIT, Melbourne. A true multi-disciplinary designer, he has worked across traditional design boundaries for his entire career first starting in Exhibition and bespoke Public Art, Theatre Design, and then expanding to Graphic and Digital design, Furniture, Residential Architecture and Interior Design, with a recent focus on the Retail & Hospitality sectors. He has established and run his own studios in Australia, Japan, and Belgium and now works as part of the international creative team at Superfutures in London.

Design excellence

Design excellence is achieved when the final result of the creative and technical process delivers an elegant, efficient and rationale solution. It is about touching the heart of a user, about fulfilling a need in an elegant or novel way, and about experimenting, exploring and pushing the possibilities of materials, technology and fabrication techniques.