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2018 Judges

Volodymyr nepyivoda yod design lab

Volodymyr Nepyivoda

Founder - YOD Design Lab


Volodymyr Nepyivoda - Ukrainian architect, designer of public interiors, director and founder of the design studio "YOD". The studio was founded by Volodymyr and his partner Dmytro Bonesko in 2004. Today Volodymyr collaborates with successful restaurateurs and hoteliers not only within Ukraine, but also abroad. Realised studio projects under the direction of Volodymyr each year win in the well-known architectural contests of Ukraine, as well as gaining first places at the international level including of course the "Restaurant & Bar Design Awards".

Design excellence

Perfect design in its absolute size does not exist in nature at all. It can not be achieved by 100%, but it may be closer to the result, which you idealized for yourself.The very way of achieving this result is the process, from which the great part of the life of the architect-designer is formed. The main thing that every designer should strive for so that the design can fully reflect the essence and the nature of the institution over which he works.